Im not sure how you stumbled upon my site but I’m glad you did. My name is Mike and as long as I can remember I have absolutely loved anything automotive. I currently work professionally as a Web Designer and am married with 3 kids (all girls).

The first car I started to work on was a 1996 CD Honda Accord Coupe. I did the basic bolt-ons, rims and coil-overs. At the time I was in a large local car club called Unique Styles (RIP Heavy) and attended many car shows through out Florida and the southeast. Everything from Slam Fest, Spring Break Nationals, Lowrider and Hot Import Nights. Soon life advanced and dropping so much cash into a car and shows just wasn’t feasible. I had a daughter on the way and bills to pay lol.  Years later I still had the bug to work on cars and picked up a 1994 Honda Civic EX to play with. Slowly it was built up with Full suspension rework (wanted to auto cross it), Acura B18B, Gutted etc you name it, it was touched on this car. Only things left were to get it painted and I wanted to turbo the motor. Unfortunately, I was rear ended and my dream was totaled :-(. As of now I drive a very boring MK5 Rabbit (Auto). It’s a great car to get me back and forth to work and my Wife found an awesome deal on it but man is it boring to drive! Still haven’t decided if I want to put any money into it or purchase a track car. Only time and my budget will tell.

Well since I have such an infatuation with cars, especially those of the performance variant I have continuously thought about starting a car blog. I’ve had the domain for a couple years now and finally decided to something with it. I will mostly be posting about events that I attend and news that interest me related to the automotive world.

Note: I will never try to take credit for photo’s or  writings that are not my own. I will at all times give proper credit when available and link back to original blogs. If you ever see your work on my site and want it removed or credit changed just let know.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy your visit.

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