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P1 McLaren Yellow

2014 McLaren P1

Props to Yahoo and CJ Wilson for his write up on the 2014 McLaren P1. This is definitely my favorite car at …


Simply Clean 5 – Part 2

I finally got a chance to clean up the second batch a little. Here you go. Enjoy the pics… This made me …

Simply Clean 5 Pt1

Simply Clean 5 – Part 1

This will be part one of the first batch of pics. I’ll probably end up with about 4 parts. I have over …


SC5 Teaser Pics

Wow what a show. Easily the largest that I’ve attended in a while. I honestly think we walked about a mile to …


Street Kingz Car Show

Travelled out to Central Florida Race Complex for the Street Kingz Car show. Considering it was literally held on the drift track …