Simply Clean 5 – Part 2

I finally got a chance to clean up the second batch a little. Here you go. Enjoy the pics…

Twerk It Miley 240sx
This made me laugh “Twerk It Miley”
Titan Motorsports GTR
Titan Motorsports GTR looks ready for the track!
SuperCharged Mustang
This Supercharged Mustang was one of my favorites of the show. Nothing crazy on the outside but once you pop the hood you knew it meant business.
SuperCharged Mustang
SuperCharged Mustang
Vortech looking good.
SC5 S2k
My baby girl hit the show with me and loved looking at the cars.  She’ll be helping me wrench in no time. This was a clean S2k.
Dub Empire Jetta
A Couple Dub Empire Florida cars repping for the Mk2 and Mk3 Jetta’s
Dub Empire Jetta
WireWorks EK looked good I’ve always liked red hatches and I like the red/black contrast. The JDM Si bumper looks good. I didn’t look to see if the Regamasters were real or fake. I’d like to think they’re authentic.
Wire Works Civic Coupe
I’ve seen this car around Volusia County a lot. I think it recently had a mugen style wing (not sure if authentic) that I remember being suprised how well the coupe pulled it off. Anyways looks good with an interesting color combo. I did the CE28 Mag Blue Volks on the red.
Wire Works Civic Coupe
Simple and clean bay.
SC5 Rat Rod
This rat rod drew attention all day long. At one point dude started it up and was blowing 2 foot fire balls out the exhaust it was pretty crazy.
SC5 Rat Rod Interior
The interior looked like it would be the most uncomfortable thing ever to ride in but kept the feel of the rest of the build… Raw.
SC5 Rat Rod
Rat Rod
Baby girl checking it out.
Rat Rod
As I am sure you picked up in the pics, it had a different set of rims on each side with different colors. I like the red the best but probably would have went with black all around.
For a show car this thing was on point. Probably one of if not the best interior at the show. Paint was beautiful. Just an overall great show build.
PBJ VW R32 Interior
Peanut butter guts.
Team Solo Evo grill
Team Solo Evolution. One of my favorites of the show.
Team Solo Evo Side
Cusco, Bride, Volks how can you go wrong?
Team Solo Evo Side
Team Solo Evo Front
Team Solo Evo
Baby girl once again had to get a closer look.
Team Solo Evo
She approved!
Mech Tech GTR
Mech Tech GTR on what I believe is ADV.1 wheels
Mech Tech F1 Simulator
Mech Tech F1 Simulator looked like a blast. Unfortunately the line was always long and I didn’t have the patience to wait.
Mech Tech Booth set up. They also had their drag race civic there but I didn’t get a pic as the line for the simulator was next to it so between the line and the spectators looking at the car there were no good angles.
Lexus IS Team Solo
Clean Team Solo IS.
Team Solo Engine
Engine bay looked clean.
Green EG at Simply Clean
I really like this eg build if you go to my Street Kingz photos you can see more pics.
Volkswagen GTi
Clean mk4 GTi
GTI Engine Bay
GTi engine bay looked good too.
Genesis Coupe on Vossens
Gen Coupe on Vossens new wheels running air lift suspension looked good.
Genesis Coupe on Vossens
Enjuku Aston Martin
Enjuku Aston Martin one of the few exotics at the show. It looked mean.
Enjuku Aston Martin
Simply Clean Audi A4
That’s a wrap for now I have a lot more pics to post. I should have them all by the end of the week.