SC5 Teaser Pics

Wow what a show. Easily the largest that I’ve attended in a while. I honestly think we walked about a mile to get to the show from parking. There were a lot of quality builds. The crowd was great and everyone seemed to get along. The police were out in full force but were chill and let everyone enjoy themselves. Big shout out to Simply Clean for yet another wonderful show and superbly organized. For the sheer number of people in attendance everything was remarkably smooth. I still need to edit a lot of the photos but I’m going to give post a few unedited pics of some purpose built track cars that were in attendance. Enjoy…

This Mustang was all business vortech supercharged ready for the track. I’ll be posting more pics of this beast.

This civic was posted up with two others that had K-swaps. They were all gutted and fully built for the track. I tried to get specs from the owners but these guys were surrounded everytime I came by. Very nice builds thought. More to come…

Track ready 350 built motor, caged, light weight wheels. Yeah I’ll take it.

Loved this S2k color combo was on point with the wheels (SSR). Of course this was purpose built track car. He had his helmet on the dash :-).  I thought the APR wing fit it well and looked good out back. I loved his “Tracked Daily” sticker.

Oh how I miss my EJ. I shed a tear when I say this. Yet another beautiful example of a car ready for a track day. Just how we like it!

I have a lot more photo’s coming. Going to do some quick edits and I’ll get them posted tomorrow. There’s a lot I want to do with this site and the focus will be mostly track related but I will cover all aspects of each event I attend. So stay tuned for some VIP, Stance and show cars.

The focus of the site will be autocross, time trials and rally cross as I begin to delve deeper into these sports i’ve always wanted to participate in. Thanks for looking and reading much more to come.